Nobody's Perfect

Nobody's Perfect

Before I post too many blogs about how green I am, I do want to stress that I'm by no means perfect and none of my blogs are intended as militant 'you must do this' they're more 'this is how I do things' hoping to inspire others to be greener.

Humans are all different and we all work in different ways, with conflicting likes, dislikes, dos and don'ts. If I do something that appeals to you, go ahead and try it, if it doesn't work out, at least you tried, or you may find a better, greener solution along the way - do let me know!

I strive to lead a greener lifestyle and I'm on the constant look out for more environmentally sound alternatives, many of which become habit.

I'll be writing further blogs about my lifestyle and I'll also be including posts about the things that I could improve on personally.  I own a car which is one of the most obvious.

Sometimes people ask if I feel that I'm missing out on everyday things that I no longer buy or use, but it's quite the contrary, the fewer things that I own and use, the happier I am.

Changes, however small, can make huge differences.