Recycling - not always the best option

Recycling is great, but it's not always the best option.

We send very little to landfill (less than a wheelie bin full every two years). We do recycle, but quite a lot less than our neighbours.

This sounds a little strange for someone claiming to be green. But what I mean is, that we're not throwing as much away. We're trying to buy products with less packaging in the first place.

Recycling is ok, but it should be the last option.

Do we really need the item? Is there an alternative to the item? Can we reuse the packaging several times before it is finally actually useless and can then be made into something else?

For example, we've stopped recycling all of our glass jars. We either keep them and fill them up with home made jam, preserved lemons, food presents etc. or we give them to other friends who make similar things.


  1. Absolutely! We're doing quite well - but could do much better!

    1. Keep up the good work and thanks for reading :)


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